Kiano Kiano SlimStick is a product that is suitable for every flat, even the small ones. All you need to do is to insert it to a vacant HDMI interface on your TV-set, display or video projector, connect it to power supply by means of a cable included in the set and get connected to the wireless WiFi network to instantly obtain access to the world of entertainment.

Kiano SlimStick is a device that is ideal for business applications. Laptop-like technical parameters and small size make Kiano SlimStick a perfect device for a wide range of applications. Owing to HDMI interface, it can be connected to a TV-set, display or video projector. It will be appreciated both by those who work on-site and those who travel a lot.

Connect peripheral devices wirelessly

Connection with a wireless network is provided by an in-built Wi-Fi network module, working in accordance with the latest 802.11 b/g/n standard and thus allowing users to browse websites and exchange information conveniently and playback multimedia smoothly in HD quality. An integrated Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless communication module provides easy connection of various peripheral devices, such as mouse and keyboard.

A quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor

The heart of Kiano SlimStick is an ultra-fast and extremely efficient quad-core Intel ATOM processor with a clocking frequency of a single core between 1.33 GHz and 1.83 GHz. The system has been manufactured as part of the 22 nm technological process, which directly reduces energy consumption and heat emissions even during the most demanding tasks.

2GB of DDR3-L memory

The DDR3-L memory allows rapid and efficient operation even with several applications active at once, at the same time providing voltage reduction by around 15% compared to traditional DDR3 memory.

32 GB of eMMC Flash internal memory

The integrated 32 GB eMMC Flash disk makes it possible to store large numbers of photos, music files, videos and applications.

MicroSD memory card reader, supporting SDHC cards with capacity of up to 64 GB

Internal memory of Kiano SlimStick can be easily extended by means of an integrated 64 GB microSD card reader.

Two USB 2.0 ports

Kiano SlimStick features two USB 2.0 ports, one with a standard size (A-type), the other in a micro version (B-type). Owing to them, pen drives, external disks or peripheral devices, such as mouse or keyboard, can be connected to the device.

Discover the smoothness of Windows 10.

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