Service within the maximum of 5 working days and a dedicated consultant

Everyone likes privileges, especially if they allow us to save time. This is exactly the essence of Kiano Assistance which we provide to our Customers.

Individual consultant

After registering in the Kiano Assistance system, you will receive a phone number to an individually assigned consultant who will answer all your questions.


Everyone is attached to their phone and tablet, therefore, the repair of your Kiano will take only 5 days – and you will be together again : )

Registration form

Filling it in will take you only a while, your data will be stored in our system, and you will always enjoy the privilege of Kiano Assistance.

Terms of service

The terms of service provided below include the list of models covered by Kiano Assistance. Not sure whether your tablet is also on the list? E-mail us.

Terms and Conditions: models covered by Kiano Assistance

Kiano Assistance includes the following models: Kiano Elegance 9,7, Kiano Elegance 9,7 3g, Kiano Elegance 8, Kiano Elegance 8 3G, Kiano Elegance 10.1, SlimTab 7 3G, SlimTab 7 3GR, SlimTab 8, SlimTab 8 3G, SlimTab 8 MS, SlimTab 8 MS PRO, SlimTab 7 3G, SlimTab 7 3GR, SlimTab 8, SlimTab 8 3G, SlimTab 8 MS, SlimTab 8 MS PRO, intelect 8, intelect 10, Fly 9,7 Quad, Core 10.1 Dual 3G, Core 10.1 Dual, regardless of the date of purchase.

Terms and Conditions: delivery time

Five working days starting from the day following the receipt of the device by our service point, to the date of shipment (not counted from the date of notification via the KIANO ASSISTANCE form)

Terms and Conditions: tablet registration

After the registration under via the form, the customer shall receive an e-mail with a telephone number to an individual consultant.

Terms and Conditions: service duration

The service is available throughout the warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The service is available from 15 June 2013.

Terms and Conditions: scope of service

The service is available in Poland.
Soon in Germany.
Soon in Hungary.