You inspire us to seek solutions which reflect your real needs and expectations. Therefore, the basis of our all devices is the following triad: design – affordability – quality. We combine technology with trends in design, surprising the largest manufacturers at computer and electronics trade fairs. Thank you! – it is also owing to you that we are one of the leading tablet manufacturers on the European market.

Each of our tablets is really your tablet, because when creating them, we started from you – from the person to whom they are dedicated. Every time we analyse the needs, expectations, what can bring you joy, and what may be disappointing to you. We eliminate everything that would bother you, leaving the pleasure that comes from the use of equipment adapted to the needs of your lifestyle.

How do we manage to apply such an approach in business? Our company is not only the devices and subassemblies.… It’s first of all the people who understand you.

"A light and nice Kiano Slim Tab 8 largely belies (…) the stereotype. It costs only PLN 400 and it looks and functions like a much more expensive tablet."

− about the SlimTab line

"The appearance of this tablet has nothing to do with the plethora of supermarket rubbish on the shelves, but it reveals serious aspirations and the lack of complexes."

− about Elegance by Zanetti

"Kiano is a proof that tablets are not exclusive gadgets intended only for the wealthiest users."

− about Kiano

Stunning design

We invite stylists and designers, who love technology and who want it to be beautiful, to contribute to the creation of our tablets.

Surprising power

The insides of our tablets hide power which meets the needs and expectations of the group to which a given line is dedicated.

User friendly

Each of our tablets is created with you in mind – to make your life easier. It is confirmed by the users who describe it as intuitive in use.

At an affordable price

We create tablets for people, not for multimillionaires : ) Therefore, we make sure that the price of our products is affordable and allows you to fulfil your dreams.

Valued by experts

We positively surprised the market with our tablets, we were appreciated by the experts – our solutions are praised by the services from the industry, and these opinions are confirmed by the customers.

Powerful interior

We create increasingly better tablets, giving them more power to meet your growing needs. The cooperation with Intel resulted in the excellent intelect line.